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Let's Talk About Erotica - Erotica Yoni Femme Vulva Care

WNBC Private Label Yoni Oil & Putter

Healthy Sex Life

Every aspect of our lives should encompass natural ingredients! We all want to have a good romantic life, and to have it NATURALLY!!! 

We created the Erotica Line with all of us in mind.  Not only is it Wholesale and available for your PRIVATE LABEL Yoni & Vulva care, It is great for us, and GREAT, Naturally!!!

Women both young and mature may at one time in life experience vaginal (vaginitis) or sexual incompetency. This is a natural part of life and may bring quite a bit of discomfort. Using the Erotica Line is designed to help keep you excited about sex, but to also help get you ready before the actual activity begins but well lubricated during activity, naturally. 

Both men and women may use this amazing products.  

About your Vulva 

It is the female sex organ that sits on the outside area of the vagina. This sits by what we call vaginal "Lips" and it is the sensitive skin called the Labia - Known as lips. Then there is the vagina, the female genitalia.

One reason this are is prone to irritation and infections is because it is frequently exposed to  fungi and bacteria that can rapidly grow and be quite bothersome. This can also happen due to unsafe sex or improper vaginal hygiene.

Keeping your Vulva clean and dry will help cut down on potential infections and and irritation. Rough sex has been known to contribute to the vulva becoming red, swollen and quite irritated. So be careful, wash well after sex and wear healthy clothing at all times. 

How to care for your VULVA

  • Cleansing - Cleanse using lukewarm water and cleanse the outer area only, well
  • Push back the lips and besure to clean well around that area
  • Only wear 100% cotton panties
  • Avoid wearing any tight clothing, thongs or panties that will not allow you to breath
  • Always launder new under clothing to rid them of dyes and other pesky mites, etc.

Enjoy, have a long lasting sex life and keep it healthy, NATURALLY!!!

When formulating this line we used food grade organic ingredients that you can feel confident using of your PRIVATE PARTS.

Ingredients like: 

  • Organic Olive Oil
  • Organic Castor Seed Oil
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Peppermint Essential Oil

See the WHOLESALE NATURAL BODY CARE Erotica full line here: Erotica Yoni Femme Vulva Care